Annual KSPOA Phase I & II Membership Meeting

 Hatteras Realty Office 2nd Floor Conference Room

 November 28, 2014

Meeting Minutes


The 2014 Fall General Membership meeting was called to order by President Ron Tasso at 9 AM. Officers and Directors in attendance were VP Paul Bauer and Directors Don Delwiche, Laura Larson and David Scarborough. Directors Doug Hamrock, Dan Neal and Larry Bickner were absent.

President Ron Tasso explained that a change in the Hatteras Realty telephone system has made tele-conferencing less convenient and would not be available for this meeting.

The minutes of the November 2013 General Membership Meeting were distributed to the property owners in attendance for review. President called for corrections and additions; none made, the minutes stood approved.   

1. Treasurer’s Financial Report 

Director David Scarborough distributed a two-sided display of financial data attached). Side one was the Balance Sheet – Trend as of November 27, 2014 which listed Assets and Liabilities (& Equity) for the years, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 year-end, and the year 2014 as of Nov. 27th. The latter total Assets was $86,597. Several outstanding expenses will be paid by year-end and his estimate for the year end 2014 Assets is about $80,000.

The opposite side of the financial report displayed the profit & loss data for 2013 and 2014 plus the budget for 2015. The display included variances between budget and actual for 2013 and 2014 as well as the variance between budget for 2015 and the estimated actual for 2014. Director David Scarborough called attention to the fact that the forecast 2014 year end result includes a 3,000 contribution from the operating account to the Emergency Reserve fund. The Board’s goal is to build a sizable reserve for the repair or replacement of boardwalks should there be major storm damage at some future time. This reserve will hopefully prevent the need for a special assessment should such damage occur.

2. Maintenance Issues

  • Trash Contract – Director Don Delwiche reported that the contract with Hatteras Realty to have the trashcans rolled to the street the afternoon before collection (usually Tuesday and Friday) and to return the trash cans to the houses after collection was in force during the summer months and during the Easter and Thanksgiving holiday weeks including a final service next Monday/Tuesday to lessen the number of cans left at the streets at end of the busy holiday period. Director Delwiche also mentioned that the lack of this service in September and October resulted in an inordinate number of trashcans left at the street for an extended period. In the spring he plans to discuss with Hatteras Realty ways in which the service can be continued during the fall period at reduced frequency so the accumulation of cans can be avoided without adding to the total cost of the program.There was a great deal of discussion surrounding this program and most comments were favorable in that trash is an important concern, especially during the summer months.
  • Trash containers per house – Director Don Delwiche reminded the audience that rental homes must have at least the minimum number of functioning trashcans according to the rule of 2 cans for three bedroom homes, 3 cans for four and five bedroom homes and at least 4 cans for six or more bedroom homes. A survey was conducted during the past several weeks to identify the homes that did not meet the requirement. The owners of these homes will be contacted in the spring and told of the ways in which they can comply with the requirement. Director Don Delwiche reported on the recent findings as follows: There is a total of 166 lots in the development of which 155 are improved lots with houses. Of these, 133 are rental properties as determined by the presence of a rental management sign on the house or of a website address for clients who may rent by that means. The rest are private residences, either occupied year-round or maintained for occasional use by their owners. Owners of these homes are not required to abide by the bedroom-trashcan rule. The result of the survey was that 121 of the 133 rental homes were in compliance. 12 homes were delinquent and all but two of these had a shortage of only one can. The other two were short two cans. These findings will be reported to the owners in the spring so that they can arrange for replacement cans before the summer season.
  • Landscaping – Director Delwiche explained that the Association has contracts with two companies, B & B for the Planting and maintenance of the plantings at the easements located at the entrances to the development and for routine trimming of the cedar trees that tend to invade the boardwalks to the beach, especially on the west side of highway 12; and JB Lawn Care for weed control, mulching and mowing the landscaped areas. He said that the plantings were not looking good these days; deer, fire ants and storm damage have occurred and the plan is to removed dead plants in the spring and replace them with ornamental grasses.
  • Boardwalks – Vice-president Paul Bauer reported that he personally inspected all nine Association boardwalks and found them to be generally in good shape except for an occasional board that should be replaced. There also are places where abrupt changes in elevation can go unseen and the plan is to use paint to make these spots more visible. VP Bauer reminded the membership that the Association is responsible for nine boardwalks which are on property deeded to the Association. All of these boardwalks comply with the latest NPS specifications and are not to be confused with the privately owned boardwalks here and there, especially in Phase I, that are not the responsibility of the Association. The Association’s boardwalks extend from street toward the ocean or from street to street and have signs identifying that KSPOA is the owner.
  • Sand Fencing – President Ron Tasso reported that the sand fencing that had been installed by the Association last year by means of a grant by Dare County had been largely destroyed or buried by hurricane Sandy and funds are not available to replace them. Instead, the Association contracted to have sand fencing installed between the primary and manmade dune line as well as in areas where the primary dune had been washed away by storms and he said he was encouraged by the amount of sand that had been deposited in these areas. The dunes on NPS land beyond the two vacant logs at the intersection of Seaside Street and Ocean View Drive have had considerable erosion due to heavy pedestrian traffic. Surfers park in the Food Lion parking lot and walk across the vacant lots to the beach, however fencing placed diagonally at the dune line in this area have been very effective in catching sand and rebuilding the dunes. The Association intends to add more fencing in trouble spots like this one and encourages property owners to work together to fund and install sand fencing in additional trouble spots. President Tasso recommends that Shane xxx be hired to do this work as he has the approval of the NPS to do this work and has complete knowledge their requirements. Shane’s contact information is available on the KSPOA Website (
  • Signs – President Ron Tasso displayed a sample of a sign that begins, “These Dunes Are Not Made For Walking” that the Association has placed at the KSPOA Boardwalks and at various other points along the ocean dune line. The NPS has given the Association permission to place these signs on the same 4x4 sign posts that they use to post the NPS Beach Rules. A property owner asked if these signs are available in a smaller size that might be suitable for placement on the bulletin boards in rental houses. Drrector Laura Larson will look into this suggestion.

3. Architectural Review

In Director Doug Hamrock’s absence, President Ron Tasso reported that no new houses have been constructed during the past year but there have been numerous improvement or maintenance projects conducted by homeowners. These require the approval of the Architectural Committee per the Covenants to the Deeds unless being done in the context of emergency repairs after a hurricane. Application Forms are available on the KSPOA website along with instructions as to the types of repairs or improvements that must be approved by the ARC. Painting (even when duplicating the same color), refurbishing of exterior stairways, decks, etc, require completion and submission of the application for approval. The application fee of $50 will be waived if the project is minor in nature and does not result in a significant alteration of the original construction in the opinion of the ARC. It was pointed out that in the early days of the development almost all houses were constructed with cedar shakes and had a natural color. In more recent times paint has become popular. The Association limits colors to the Main color, a Trim color and an Accent color.

4. Board nominations and elections

A motion was made and seconded and approved by voice vote to appoint Mr. Robert (Bob) Huang as a new Board Director. President Ron Tasso reported that all of the current board members had agreed to continue their assignments for another year. A motion was made, seconded and voice vote approved to extend the board’s current composition for another year.    

5. Owners questions and concerns

A property owner asked whether the Association provided mosquito control services. President Ron Tasso responded to the negative but said that the County has agreed to treat areas if requested. There were no further questions and a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.


Don Delwiche