May 31, 2014 - Newsletter


9:00 A.M.


Hatteras Realty Conference Room


What’s New

 Sand Fencing –

 The Board of Directors voted at their Easter board meeting to make necessary repairs to fencing installed in 2013 and to add an additional 250 feet at a total cost of $1,200. As in 2013, the new fencing was placed along the secondary dune line to reinforce low spots and paths where people have cut through the dunes. This effort was completed by May 25, 2014.

 KSPOA’s fencing permit from the National Park Service is good until 2015. The BOD encourages oceanfront home owners to consider installing additional sand fencing in front of your property to provide additional protection from erosion. This year, several home owners added fencing beyond that maintained by the Association and the Board thanks those members for their effort.

 The cost for materials and labor to install 75 feet of fencing is approximately $300; a small investment to protect your property. Shane Coleman (252-995-5192) is the contractor who installed the fencing for both KSPOA and the Greater Kinnakeet Shores Property Owners’ Association. He has our permit, knows the rules, and knows the NPS rangers. We recommend him highly.

 Please note that if you do not use Shane or if you choose to do the work yourself, our permit has very specific NPS rules on how and where the fencing can be installed. Any deviation from these rules can result in removal of the fencing and/or fines by NPS.

These Dunes are Not Made for Walking –

 In a further effort to minimize dune erosion, the Board approved the purchase and installation of signs which encourage visitors to stay on the boardwalks and off the dunes as they walk from their homes to the beach. Pedestrian traffic has directly contributed to dune erosion which led to the sand fencing installation described earlier.

 Eighteen signs will be placed on the boardwalks and at other strategic locations.

Property owners interested in purchasing additional signs should contact Sign Designat 804-794-1689. A minimum order of five signs is preferred.

Website Update –

 The Board has just completed a major review and update of the website. Please take a few minutes to review the site and re-familiarize yourself with the covenants, bylaws and policies which are documented on the site.

 The “Policies” page outlines all of the general policies enforced by the Board.

 Particular attention should be given to the “ARC” page which details the policies administered by the Architectural Review Committee with regard to new construction and exterior property maintenance within the subdivision. It is the responsibility of property owners to be aware of these policies and to ensure compliance before projects begin. Unapproved actions may result in significant costs to the property owner to bring the property back into compliance.


Continuing Projects

 Trash Can Rollout –  Throughout summer months and high occupancy holidays

Fourth of July Fireworks – $500 donation to support community event

Boardwalk Maintenance –Kinnakeet Shores Phases I and II

Doggy Bags – Doggy bag stations maintained year around

Avon Beach Clean Up – $750 to the Avon Property Owners Association to support the three times a week trash service for the beaches in front of Avon Village.


What Needs your Attention

 2014 Association Dues – Invoices for 2014 dues are included with this newsletter. These invoices cover the July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 period. Dues are payable upon receipt of the invoice and remain at $175 annually.


Architectural Review – New home construction, additions, and exterior renovation projects including painting must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee chaired by Doug Hamrock. Applications should be submitted to Doug with the appropriate application fee. The application fee for new construction or additions is $100. The application fee for exterior renovations is $50. Contact Doug at 252-995-4946 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Trash Can Maintenance – Homeowners are required to maintain an adequate number of working trash cans determined by the number of bedrooms in the home as follows:

  • 3 bedroom homes – 2 cans
  • 4 bedroom homes – 3 cans
  • 5 bedroom homes – 4 cans

Later this year, the Board of Directors will conduct the annual trash can audit to confirm homes are in compliance with this policy.  If during your visit this summer you notice a need to replace any of your cans, you may contact the Dare County Sanitation Department at 252-475-5881 to arrange purchase and delivery.

Have a great summer, and if you plan to be on the island at Thanksgiving, please try to come to the annual homeowners meeting as noted on the top of the first page.