Annual KSPOA Phase I & II Membership Meeting

Hatteras Realty Office 2nd Floor Conference Room

November 29, 2013


The 2013 Fall General Membership meeting was called to order by President Ron Tasso at 9 AM. Officers and Directors in attendance were VP Paul Bauer and Directors Don Delwiche, Doug Hamrock, Laura Larson and David Scarborough. Directors Dan Neal and Larry Bickner were absent.

 President Ron Tasso explained that the conference room is equipped with tele-conferencing equipment and the membership not able to attend this meeting were invited to participate via phone (during the course of the meeting no incoming calls were received). Attendance at the meeting was notable, however with xxx in attendance in addition to the officers and officers’ spouses.

 The minutes of the November 2012 General Membership Meeting were distributed to the property owners in attendance for review. President called for corrections and additions; none made, the minutes stood approved.       

1. Treasurer’s Financial Report

Director David Scarborough distributed a two-sided display of financial data. Side one was the Balance Sheet – Trend as of November 25, 2013 (Attached) which listed Assets and Liabilities (& Equity) for the years, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 year-end, and the year 2013 as of Nov. 25th. The latter total Assets was $80,577.13. Several outstanding expenses will be paid by year-end and his estimate for the year end 2013 Assets is about $80,000.

The opposite side of the financial report displayed the profit & loss data for 2012 with 2013. Included was the budget for 2014. The display included variances between budget and actual for 2012 and 2013 as well as the variance between budget and actual for 2012 and 2013 and the variance between 2014 budget and 2013 actual (as of 11/25/2013). Director David Scarborough called attention to the fact that the budgeted expense total for 2014 is $25,990 versus the estimated actual for 2013 of $26,948.57.

Director David Scarborough also explained that the Board’s goal is to build a sizeable reserve for the repair or replacement of boardwalks should there be major storm damage at some future time.

[Director David Scarborough mentioned that a line item for Trash Can Income was inadvertently omitted from the Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual display shown at the meeting. A corrected version of this display is included with these meeting notes.]

 2. Maintenance Issues



 3. Boardwalks

Vice-president Paul Bauer reported that he personally inspected all nine Association boardwalks and found them to be generally in good shape but a couple of areas needed repair. Also, previous floods had raised section of the boardwalks in a couple of area and the transitions were larger than appropriate. These situations will be corrected. VP Bauer explained that the Association is responsible for and has deeded right-of-ways for nine boardwalks all of which comply with the latest NPS specifications but that there are other privately owned boardwalks here and there, especially in Phase I, that are not the responsibility of the Association. The Association’s boardwalks extend from street toward the ocean or from street to street and have signs identifying that KSPOA is the owner.

 4. Sand Fencing

President Ron Tasso reported that the sand fencing that had been installed by the Association last year by means of a grant by Dare County had been largely destroyed or buried by hurricane Sandy and funds were not available to replace them. Instead, the Association contracted to have sand fencing installed between the primary and manmade dune line as well as in areas where the primary dune had been washed away by storms and he said he was encouraged by the amount of sand that had been deposited in these areas despite the dearth of strong winds this season. Several homeowners commented about the heavy foot traffic across the vacant lots along the ocean front near Seaside Drive. The dunes had been worn away by the traffic but the sand fencing the Association placed in these areas has helped restore the dunes. President RonTasso encouraged homeowners to arrange for sand fencing to be installed by the contractor (name?) who has been approved for this work by the NPS.

 5. Signs

President Ron Tasso displayed a sample of a sign that begins, “These Dunes Are Not Made For Walking” that the Association plans to place at various points along the ocean dune line. The NPS has given the Association permission to place these signs on the same 4x4 sign posts that they use to post the NPS Beach Rules. The aluminum signs are $18 each and the plan is to purchase as many as seem appropriate.

 6. Architectural Review

Director Doug Hamrock reported that no new houses have been constructed during the past year but there have been numerous improvement or maintenance projects conducted by homeowners. These require the approval of the Architectural Committee per the Covenants to the Deeds unless being done in the context of emergency repairs after a hurricane. A new application form will be posted on the Association’s website. It will have a check list of the kinds of projects requiring approval. Painting (even when duplicating the same color), refurbishing of exterior stairways, decks, etc, require completion and submission of the application for approval. The application fee of $50 will be waived if the project is minor in nature and does not result in a significant alteration in the Director Hamrock’s opinion (the fee for new house construction is $100 as it requires considerable study and correlation with county building requirements).

7. Board nominations and elections

President Ron Tasso reported that all of the current board members had agreed to continue their assignments for another year. A motion was made, seconded and voice vote approved to extend the board’s current composition for another year.   

 8. Owners questions and concerns

There were no new questions or concerns other than those rendered at the time the above topics were covered. There was general approval with the activities conducted by the board as well as favorable comments about the new meeting spot. The next annual meeting will be conducted at the same location if available.


Don Delwiche for Dan Neal,

November 29, 2013