In 2012,  KSPOA received $35,000 from Dare County to install sand fencing along the ocean dune line. Unfortunately, most of the fencing did not survive the ravages of Hurricane Sandy and subsequent nor’easters. Dare County currently does not have funds available to install more fencing.

 At the April 2013 Board  meeting, the KSPOA Directors voted to install $5,000 worth of fencing to reinforce several significant low spots and paths where people have cut through the dunes. This fencing was placed along the secondary dune since the BOD felt more fencing along the ocean dune line would likely be destroyed by the next storm.  The goal of installing this fencing is to trap wind-blown sand and hopefully reduce wind erosion that can be so damaging to the dunes.

 KSPOA’s fencing permit from the National Park Service is good until 2015. The BOD encourages oceanfront home owners to consider installing additional sand fencing in front of your property to provide additional protection from erosion. Several home owners have recently done this. The cost for materials and labor to install 75 feet of fencing is approximately $300; a small investment to protect your property.  

Shane Coleman (252-995-5192) is the contractor who installed the fencing for both KSPOA and the Greater Kinnakeet Shores Property Owners’ Association. He has our permit, knows the rules, and knows the NPS rangers. We recommend him highly.

Please note that if you do not use Shane or if you choose to do the work yourself, our permit has very specific NPS rules on how and where the fencing can be installed. Any deviation from these rules can result in removal of the fencing and/or fines by NPS.